What is Therapy?

With psychological issues and emotional suffering, it can sometimes be difficult to realize that we are being negatively affected until we find ourselves at a point of distress or even breakdown. Despite the well-meant advice of friends and loved ones, it may be important for a person to seek out proper therapy and guidance when they begin to realize that they are no longer able to deal or cope with an issue or how they feel.


In therapy, you can learn how to deal with the root cause of your presenting problems, work on successfully treating your presenting mental health concerns and build up your own strength, capability and confidence to deal with the changing circumstances in life. We will also work on dealing positively and effectively with situations which you may encounter in the future by creating strong foundations – all in your own private, non-judgmental, personal and confidential space.


The sooner mental health concerns are addressed and identified, the quicker the road will be to recovery under treatment. Treatment of longer standing issues are common in the mental health care practice and it is never too late to seek help. The motto "better late than never" is highly applicable to prevent anymore unnecessary suffering.


Be rest assured that your confidentiality will be protected and a level of professionalism will be maintained throughout therapy and beyond. I abide by the code of ethics and conduct of the American Psychological Association (APA).

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