Coaching Structure

The first session will consist of an intake assessment of what you would like to work on in coaching. Before this initial meeting, it would be beneficial for you to complete a questionnaire which I can send to you via email. This is not mandatory, however will make the first session more productive.


Subsequent sessions will function by checking back on the progress on your goals collaboratively, reviewing what you have achieved since the last session and setting up an action plan of what needs to be overcome or accomplished for the following week.


Upon our first meeting, we will also agree upon a coaching alliance which best suits your needs. For example, certain clients prefer being coached using a more tightly structured frame of setting tasks and accountability to deadlines, whilst others feel more comfortable given the necessary space to grow and improve under guidance. Each session, we will work on a presenting issue/task, whilst keeping in mind your desired goals.


With regards to this framework and the unique circumstances of each individual case and demands, we may:

-work on a clearer definition of your goals and motivations,

-breakthrough limiting beliefs that may be holding you back whether you are consciously aware of them or not; identifying and turning these around,

-teach you new techniques and strategies for success in your identified goals,

-work around and tailor these strategies to fit smoothly into your current situation,

-identify and effectively deal with difficulties, obstacles and your fears on the road to your success,

-monitoring and keeping track of your progress,

-keeping you accountable and providing the necessary motivation to create and maintain your positive momentum,

-ensure your success not only in the short, but long run as well.


Depending on your coaching issue, coaching may take the form of a series of consistent sessions over a few weeks or ad-hoc sessions which we will schedule as you require. For more information or queries, please contact me with your coaching concerns.

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