What is Therapy?

With psychological issues and emotional suffering, it can sometimes be difficult to realize that we are being affected until we find ourselves at a point of distress or even breakdown.

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My Approach

An Integrative and personalized approach to therapy; all in a confidential, safe, respectful and non-judgmental space where you will be provided with empathy and support for your healing and growth.

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Treatment Process

Depending on the problem or issue at hand, counselling/therapy will usually take following course over 3 phases: Assessment, Intervention and Endings.

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My particular areas of focus and treatment in the behavioural and psychological field include obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety disorders and stress related symptoms.

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Contact Me

The sooner mental health and emotional concerns are addressed and identified, the quicker the road will be to recovery under treatment - Set up a free telephone consult with regards to your questions or concerns.

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