What is Life Coaching?

Traditionally, coaching refers to the guidance from one individual to another in helping develop, achieve and improve. Today, it is a more commonly used term which can encompass different meanings depending on the situation. At Breakthrough Therapy and Coaching, I work with Life Coaching in the context of Personal Development.


In Life Coaching, I work with the aim of improving and empowering clients through guidance in their Emotional, Physical, Relational, Financial and Existential realms. As your coach, we will go over your difficulties together and where relevant, work on clarifying your goals. We will collaboratively take steps forward in a positive direction, overcome obstacles in the most effective ways possible, alongside monitoring and tracking your progress in a personalized yet structured fashion. I may also draw from aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy, amongst other  psychological perspectives where relevant; to further enhance your coaching experience in efficiently getting you to where you want to go.


From weight loss, health concerns and relationships, to career changes, personal goals and fulfilment; as your coach, we will work together in building and maintaining your motivation levels, and channelling your inner resourcefulness to get yourself living fulfilled, no matter what phase in your life you currently are at.

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